Greg Green Films’ First Development Deal Completed!

Greg Green and Steven Zunich Have Finished A Feature Length Script For An Exciting Spiritual-Psychological Thriller Entitled “American Cult”

December 8, 2014, Boise, ID – Greg Green Films ( announced that it has completed the final step on the first of four development deals for which it was contracted in 2014. Development Deals in Hollywood traditionally reflect a studio hiring a writer or team of writers to develop a story from an idea that the studio would like turned into a film. Greg Green Films has four such independent film development deals in queue. The script for the first deal, AMERICAN CULT, which was written by Greg Green and Steven Zunich, is now finished. AMERICAN CULT is a spiritual-psychological thriller that tells the story of two people raised in separate Christian cults and their struggle to escape the brainwashing in which they were raised. While there is a spiritual message, AMERICAN CULT will be closer in tone to “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” than it will be to any Christian themed film that has ever been produced. As such, the audience for AMERICAN CULT is anticipated to be broader than any Christian themed film ever made.

Green is the writer and director of 3 OF A KIND which won multiple International Film Festival awards in 2012. The production team’s “Executive Summary” lays out an aggressive plan to garner top-name talent for key parts in the film. The producers have already secured veteran actress Cynda Williams, who has appeared in Spike Lee films, to play “Angela," an important supporting role. Green, Zunich and Tyson Baker will produce the film and will seek to find investors to Executive Produce the film. 

“AMERICAN CULT will be a suspense thrill ride that will carry a very powerful spiritual message,” Green began. “In the U.S. at any time, 1 to 5 million people are living through harrowing stories of Religious Mind Control and manipulation as a result of being in a cult or a cult-like religious situation. Religious and cult leaders can abuse the power they have to take advantage of others. The stories in the Bible often feature epic tales of the cruelty of man against man and this fictionalized Spiritual-Psychological Thriller demonstrates that man’s cruelty against man still pervades to this day. Not only is AMERICAN CULT going to be entertaining, it’s going to have a huge impact on everyone who will see it. As a director, there is nothing better than knowing you’re film will be touching hearts and changing lives.”

“When Greg and Steve showed me the treatment for AMERICAN CULT, I knew that I wanted to be a part of the team that would bring this story to the world,” Baker stated. “I am really excited because AMERICAN CULT has a brilliant storyline and, as Greg pointed out, it can touch a lot of hearts while shining a light on religious and cult abuse because it will create a lot of controversy. I can’t wait to get this project going. I love the team I’m a part of and I look forward to bringing in more team members to collaborate with us as we take this very exciting and important script to the big screen.”

"We really believe that we have a scary, thrilling, touching and spiritual story that will appeal to people of all faiths and to those that don’t practice a specific religion as well,” Zunich observed. “Our journey for meaning in this life really is everybody’s purpose and, yet, we are all guilty of doing everything we can to avoid dealing with this life challenge. In many ways it’s easier to get through the day avoiding the deep thought and reflection required to find meaning in life but it catches up with everyone. AMERICAN CULT will challenge everyone while taking the audience on a roller coaster ride like they’ve never been on before. The stakes for the film’s characters couldn’t be higher.”


AMERICAN CULT is based on real events that tells the story of Elisha Brighton and Aaron Westlund, two young people raised in a world of religious manipulation and mind control. AMERICAN CULT was written by Greg Green and Steven Zunich and was developed by the producing trio of Greg Green, Steven Zunich and Tyson Baker, who will play the key role of Reverend Elijah Fortune in the film. Cynda Williams, who was featured in Spike Lee’s “Mo Better Blues” and
the HBO film “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge” starring Halle Berry, will play the role of “Angela," Greg Green’s most recent film won “Best Picture” and “Best Director” at the 2012 Houston International Film Festival. The film is entitled 3 OF A KIND and is available on Apple iTunes, Google Play, MGo and

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