Step 1:  Your marketing approach must be figured out now...before you produce your film.

Before production, we determined that our marketing approach for 3 OF A KIND will be to educate and bring awareness of domestic violence while still fulfilling the entertainment expectations of an audience. All of our marketing has this goal at its core. Now think about how you will market your film. Is there an actor in your film that you can market? "Margot Kidder's greatest role!" Maybe how the film was shot? "A film shot entirely in a weekend." Get the idea? If you don't think of a 'hook' to use in future marketing, finding your audience will be more difficult.

Think about it.  Why would anyone want to watch your independent film once produced?  The reason is not good enough if your answer is, "Because my film will be awesome!"  A potential viewer needs a compelling reason why they should spend two hours of their life and some hard-earned dollars to watch your film. 

Step 2:  What genre will your film be? 

Determine the answer to that question now. Rom-com? Thriller? Horror?

Step 3:  Will that genre make it easier to market? 

Do your research.  Is a horror film easier to market than a romantic comedy?  How about a psychological thriller over a coming-of-age movie?  What about a documentary rather than a period piece?  What difference does it make anyway?  Find out before making your film if the genre you select will make it easier or more difficult to market (and sell).

Step 4:  Consider casting known 'stars' in your film.

When someone recommends a film to you, what is typically the first question you ask?  That's right, "Who's in it?"  Getting a known star or stars to be in your film is easier than you think.  A casting director will be a big help to you.  Book stars in your'll be glad you did.

Step 5:  Get opinions. Test the waters.

Create a FACEBOOK page that includes key art and a synopsis of your proposed film and gauge the reaction.  Encourage feedback.  Now is the time to find out if your idea will capture interest.

There is an excellent book that you must read (the authors offer a free PDF download). SELLING YOUR FILM WITHOUT SELLING YOUR SOUL will give you an idea of what to do to effectively market your film by reading what other filmmakers have successfully achieved.  SELLING YOUR FILM WITHOUT SELLING YOUR SOUL gives you several case studies how independent filmmakers marketed their films.  The stories are enlightening and helpful. My message to you is figure out how to market your film before spending the time, money and energy to produce it.  Believe me. Following these 5 steps will definitely help.

There are thousands of independent films made every year but most of them will only be seen by friends and family of the filmmakers.  Why?  Because the filmmakers didn't think about how their film would be marketed and sold BEFORE it was produced.