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Here are the 24 historic Books on Birds you'll receive as .PDFs on the data CD:
1. A Bibliography of Birds by Reuben Myron  Strong 1939
​2. A Bibliography of Birds Part 2 by Reuben Myron Strong 1939
3. A Bibliography of Birds Part 3 by Reuben Myron Strong 1946 

4. A Bibliography of Birds Part 4 by Reuben Myron Strong 1959

5. Adventures in Bird-land Oliver Gregory Pike 1907

6. Animal life in the Yosemite by Joseph Grinnell 1924  

​7. Audubon's Western Journal 1849-1850

8. Bibliography of Scare North American Periodicals on Birding 1900s

​9. BIRDS by A.H. Evans 1899

10. Familiar Studies of Wild Birds by F. N. Whitman 1920

11. Friends in Feathers by Gene Stratton-Porter 1917

12. How to Study Birds; a Practical Guide for Amateur Bird-lovers and Camera-hunters by Herbert K. Job 1910

13. Mutton Birds and Other Birds by Herbert Guthrie-Smith 1914

14. Our Irish Song Birds by Charles Benson 1901

15. Photography for Bird Lovers by Bentley Beetam 1911

16. Sketches of South African Bird-life by Alwin Karl Haagner 1908

17. The Birds of Shakespeare by James Edmund Harting 1871

18. The birds of South Africa by Arthur Cowell Stark 1900-1906

19. The Birds of South Africa by Edgar Leopold Layard 1867

20. The Home Life of Wild Birds by Francis Hobart Herrick 1902 

21. The Home-life of a Golden Eagle by H. B. Macpherson 1911

22. The Natural History of the Birds of Ireland by John J. Watters 1853

23. Visitor's Guide to the Collection of Birds by New York City 1894

24.  Wild Life in the Tree Tops by Charles Knight 1921

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