Greg Green Films’ First Development Deal Funded!

Idaho Based Production Company Currently Penning Story for Spiritual-Psychological

Full-Length Feature 

April 30, 2014, Boise, ID – Greg Green Films ( announced that it has received the funding for a Development Deal that was signed back in December of 2013. Greg Green Films’ Executive Partners Steven Zunich and Greg Green are currently creating the story (AKA “Treatment”) The subject matter and initial story ideas are being kept under wraps until the story is completely developed. Once the story is developed, Zunich and Green will write the screenplay. Funding was received on April 11th. 

"Since we finished the final interviews with our clients about ten days ago,” Zunich began, “Greg and I have had several marathon outline and writing sessions. We have made tremendous progress on the story and expect to have it finished to present to our clients by the middle of next week. We really believe that we have an exciting, thrilling, touching and spiritual story of surrender that will appeal to people of all faiths and to those without faith. Our journey for meaning in this life really is everybody’s purpose and, yet, we are all guilty of doing everything we can to distract ourselves from this life challenge. In many ways it’s easier to get through the day avoiding the deep thought and reflection required to find meaning in life but it catches up with everyone. This film will challenge everyone while taking the audience on a roller coaster ride like they’ve never been on before. The stakes for the film’s characters couldn’t be higher.”

“Make no mistake about it, this film will be a thrill ride and carry a very powerful spiritual message,” Green observed. “I am really grateful to our clients for sharing their story with us. Their path to spiritual peace and enlightenment has been a very rough road and I have great empathy for how much of their lives they exposed to us. From their harrowing stories of Religious Mind Control and manipulation, which has also been referred to as Spiritual Abuse, we have the basic roots of an amazing, dramatic and truly scary tale of the triumph of will and spirit. Their stories and their journey are inspiring these characters even though this is by no means a ‘biopic’. Working on this project reminds me that Religion and God are not usually what block our path to spiritual peace and salvation. Certain religious leaders can abuse the power that have, trust if you will, to take advantage of others. The stories in the Bible often feature epic tales of the cruelty of man against man and this fictionalized Spiritual-Psychological Thriller demonstrates that man’s cruelty against man still pervades to this day. Working together with Steve is really accelerating my normal story process and the energy when we are together writing is through the roof. We are so proud that ‘True Surrender’ is Greg Green Films’ first official Development Project.”

About Greg Green Films
Greg Green Films was launched in 2013 to support the works of Film Director Gregory James Green. Mr. Green is a director, editor, screenwriter and director of cinematography whose career has spanned three decades. Greg’s feature film, 3 OF A KIND is an “indie” film that has won awards for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actress (Jodi Russell) at International Film Festivals. 3 OF A KIND is available on, Google Play, YouTube Rentals and iTunes for both purchase and rental. Greg Green Films is a partnership between Greg Green and Steve Zunich, Greg Green Films’ Managing Partner. 

3 of a Kind” Houston International Film Festival Awards

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Best Director (Gregory James Green)

Best Actress (Jodi Russell)

Best Suspense Feature

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