Greg Green, Director of 3 OF A KIND, Launches Greg Green Films in Boise, Idaho

“’Three of a Kind’ is remarkably polished and manages to hold your interest to the very end. I’m looking forward to seeing what Green comes up with next,” Peter Freeman, DC Film Review

October 7, 2013, Boise, ID. – Boise, Idaho based film maker Gregory James Green announced today the formation of Greg Green Films (GGF). GGF has been set up to increase awareness of the films Greg has directed, shot or wrote. Mr. Green’s award-winning full length feature film, 3 OF A KIND (, is currently available at and iTunes and will soon launch on multiple digital platforms including Google Play.

"I am very excited to announce the formation of Greg Green Films,” Green began. “Initially the company is here to support 3 OF A KIND, a film that was shot here in Boise and has won multiple film festival awards in the Best Picture, Best Actress and Best Director categories. The challenges of getting the word out about even a very good independent film are enormous. Greg Green Films reflects my commitment to provide a vehicle to keep awareness growing of these projects I care so much about. We are about to expand the availability of 3 OF A KIND beyond its current borders, and iTunes, to a much larger number of digital outlets. Greg Green Films will initially function to maximize awareness of 3OAK in the competitive indie film marketplace.”

To that end, Greg Green has partnered with Steven Zunich, a sales, marketing and public relations consultant who specializes in telling small companies’ stories and raising their awareness. Zunich has been successful in using public relations as a method to increase sales. As such, Steve will oversee both Marketing and Sales for Greg Green Films. Zunich is an actor, director and writer who also teaches improvisational acting and sketch comedy at his Boise Improv Theater Training Center. Zunich will work under the title of Managing Partner for Greg Green Films.

"’3 OF A KIND is an amazing ‘indie’ film that no one has ever heard of,” Zunich stated. “I’m very excited to get the word out about this gem of a film that feels to me like a cross between SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY and THE GODFATHER. I mention THE GODFATHER because of the male lead character’s background story as a mafia-type criminal but also because of the look of the film. For a small budget feature film, it has a really rich look, especially in some of the interior scenes. The other aspects of 3 OF A KIND worth noting are its theme of rising above domestic violence and how well it works as a suspense thriller. The ending has a twist that will surprise viewers. It also is extremely well acted. It’s a true sleeper that will not disappoint.”

Greg Green Films will be very busy in the coming weeks and months with the launch of 3 OF A KIND on several digital technology download platforms,” Zunich continued. “We at Greg Green Films are grateful and excited for this opportunity. Beyond this 3OAK activity, Greg Green Films will be involved with the production, shooting and direction of three future film projects to be shot in and around Boise in the next couple of years, the first of which just received its initial funding. Look for more news on this project coming soon.”

3 OF A KIND Houston International Film Festival Awards

Best Picture

Best Director (Gregory James Green)

Best Actress (Jodi Russell)

Best Suspense Feature

Rent or purchase 3 OF A KIND the movie at by following the links.

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About Greg Green Films

Greg Green Films was launched in 2013 to support the works of Gregory James Green. Mr. Green is a director, editor, screenwriter and director of cinematography whose career has spanned three decades. Greg’s feature film, 3 OF A KIND is an “indie” film that has won awards for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actress (Jodi Russell) at International Film Festivals. 3 OF A KIND is available on and iTunes for both purchase and rental. Greg Green Films is a partnership between Greg Green and Steve Zunich, Greg Green Films’ Managing Partner. Greg Green Films, reflecting Mr. Green’s philosophy that film is a collaborative process, also acknowledges Catrine McGregor of CatMac Productions, Mr. Green’s production partner. Greg Green Films will also promote the work of Mr. Green’s other collaborators such as 3 OF A KIND actors Jodi Russell, Tom Adams, Jessica Manuel, Jared Zirilli, Larry Thomas, Mario Di Donati and Margot Kidder. Greg Green also recently worked as the Director of Photography for the latest installment of the Tex Murphy Video Game / Movie Series which features many of the same cast members of 3 OF A KIND.

Greg Green Films acknowledges and thanks the Idaho Film Office for its support.

For more information on Greg Green Films, please contact Managing Partner Steve Zunich at (208) 968-6216 or via email at